Sunday, May 19, 2013

Halle's 1st Riding Lesson (and my ribbon collection)

Halle has been begging for the last year to ride horses and yesterday afternoon she finally got her wish. A sweet friend of mine shows horses and recently purchased the most beautiful equestrian farm and agreed to give Halle some lessons. I took her out yesterday after her soccer game for her first meet & greet type lesson. It wasn't really a lesson but rather a chance to see how she responds to being around the horses and ponies. Sometimes kids want to learn to ride but then they are afraid of the animals. Halle was in absolute heaven!! She took to them right away and had no fear. She fed carrots by hand to the large show horse, a beautiful warm blood whose actual breed I cannot remember, and then did a little grooming on the miniature horse named Bully. Then she learned how to lead Bully on a lead line and how to make him stop and go. It was adorable to watch! Bully was definitely a challenge to lead because all he wanted to do was stop every 3 steps and eat grass and clover...and Halle of course would let him, lol! She had the best time and was definitely in her element.

Here she is doing a little grooming on Bully, learning to brush him and comb his mane. Isn't he cute?!!

I just adore this image, the way she is smiling at him and he is looking right back at her! Such a sweet connection!

She kept getting a little turned around and ended up on the wrong side of the lead but I know she'll get the hang of it over time :)

Stopping for a bite to eat for the 50th time, lol! She'll have to learn how to be more authoritative with him while leading him. She just wanted to be sweet and let him do whatever he wanted which he took full advantage of :)

After spending some time with Bully, Halle got to meet Donikan, a German Dressage pony who will eventually be used for shows. He is extremely sweet but is not completely broke yet so not ready for riding. Once Halle is a confident rider and Donikan has had more training they may get to do some training together. He sure is pretty!! Halle absolutely loved her time on the equestrian farm and didn't want to leave. We spent 2 hours with the horses and she cried on the way home because she said she missed them already.  The next time we visit for her first official riding lesson there will be a new addition to the farm...Bella, a white pony who Halle will learn to ride first. I'll share pictures and keep you updated on her riding adventures!!

On another similar note I wanted to share the beginnings of my vintage horse show ribbon collection! I discovered the charm of these old ribbons while looking for ideas for Halle's equestrian themed birthday that she wants for next year. I like to pick up things over time for decorating my party tables and I can't wait to use these beauties! I am swooning over these pretty feminine colors and it's a shame that these are the ones you get when you place lower...I think those pink ones should be 1st place ;) The older ribbons just have so much more charm and character than the modern ones of today...look at the center medallions...they don't make em' like that anymore! I can't wait to add more to my collection over time! Just wanted to share :)

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