Winter Wonderland: A Snow Day in Photos

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It snowed!! Finally one really great snow storm! I know some areas are pounded with snow all winter and they beg for it to stop but not here in NC. We usually never get more than a couple inches here and there. So when the forecast called for up to a foot of snow in our area we were ecstatic! A real snow day (days actually)...finally! We are excited to get to play in the snow at our new home where we have lots of outdoor space to run! It was absolutely beautiful. Our city was completely shut down, which meant daddy got to join in on the fun without taking a vacation day! Awesome! Nothing but sledding, snowballs fights, snowman building and coffee and cocoa drinking for us all day! ~sigh~

We just love our new home! This is an exterior view. It is a cape cod style and I love it's cozy cottage vibe! The snow makes it even more beautiful!

We got between 9 and 13 inches depending on where I measured. This one was taken before it finished snowing. We got an additional 2-3 inches on the 2nd day of snow.

Oliver left his mark on the enclosed patio. The snow blew through the screen and he seemed to enjoy sniffing around. We took hime outside briefly but he was clawing at the patio to get back in. Not a fan of the deep snow! He's an indoor kitty for sure!

Isn't it just peaceful looking?! We feel so blessed to be here!

I love that you can see the family playing behind the house in this one!


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