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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hello all! Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! We had a great time even though Todd couldn't be with us. The kids and I visited my "PawPaw" and extended family down in Albemarle, NC. We did a lot of swimming and a lot of eating. It was a fabulous day! Sunny and hot with the perfect breeze! It actually wasn't very humid at all so sitting in the shade was nice! The kids had plenty of little ones to run around with and I was content to just chill out with Ella! Of course I had to share her with the family since this was her first visit with most of them. Everyone had to take their turn passing her around. She did really well but got fussy a few times so we had to take some "time outs". All in all everyone had a great afternoon!

Anyway, the night before the 4th at around 10:30 or 11pm I came across this fabulous idea online. It was late, I was tired, and I still hadn't packed for our upcoming day trip. I found this great idea for kids and I just had to have one so I grabbed my fabric stash, turned on my sewing machine and away I went trying to come up with my own rendition!

Well 2 hours, and a lot of trial and error later I had it completed! It came out so adorable and I was so proud of myself! What is it you ask?! Well, take a look below!

It's a crayon roll of course! Great for kids! Great for traveling and just so darn cute! Halle loved it when I showed it to her the next morning and so did all of my family! I will soon be selling them online at my etsy store! If you have kids or you know someone who does then you have to have one...or two, or three, or four.....! They are made with colorful coordinating flannel and will be available in themes for boys and girls! These would make great birthday presents too! What is more special than a fabulous handmade gift!! I will be pricing them at $12 each and that will include 16 crayons tucked inside! I expect all of you to order one!! Ha ha! Email me at if you'd like me to make one for your little sweetie or sweeties!


  1. How adorable is that?! I'm such a fan of your stuff....
    SO CUTE!

  2. You know I had to come here and see you! Look at your girls dressed up in stuff that you made! Dolls!

    That crayon thing is great--I have had to get melted crayon out of a car before so how nice to have them all tied up together!


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