Camper Daydreaming: A Little Vintage Eye Candy

Friday, April 26, 2013

This is what's been on my mind lately. I have a bucket list and this is at the top of it. I want to own a little vintage camper :) I dream of taking her on romantic weekend getaways with the hubby and on some fun-filled trips with the kids. I want to doll her up and just hang out in her...even if it's parked in my driveway! The obsession started about 8 mos ago when I first discovered that these little beauties existed and now I cannot get them out of my head. I'm still searching for the perfect one...and at the right price ;) Whenever I see a pretty quilt or a cute vintage accessory I think "this would look great in my vintage camper!"...yeah I'm nuts, lol! One day it will happen will!

For now I will just daydream and live vicariously through everyone else who owns one! Like this one (swoon)...

credit here

and this one here (how cute with the matching vintage truck!)...

credit here

and look at this! How peaceful and amazing!

I could totally see myself here!
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And I just adore this precious teeny camper! How cute is this?! Oh and I'll take that sweet little doggie too!

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and how about all these!!! Aaaah...I love them all!!

credit here

I can't wait to fix one up and make it look like some of these! This first one is painted in my favorite color!

 credit here

 How warm and inviting is this family camper?! It looks like a children's wonderland and is absolutely precious! I want to go wherever they are going ;)

credit here

I love how this one reminds me of a picnic and apple pie! It's so cheerful and could anyone not smile hanging out in here?! :)

Just look at how bright and amazing this one is!! I love how she painted it completely white inside and threw in all the pops of color with accessories! So girly! Love it!

credit here

This one is actually set up as a little shop! Genius! It oozes vintage charm! I see some things I want to buy for my camper...aaaah, daydreams!

credit here

There are so many more wonderful campers that I didn't share here. I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to this dream of mine!! Dreams do come true, ya know! Happy Friday!!


  1. First...your photography and website!!! AHHH!!! So perfect!

    Second :)
    My friend in California was like you...obsessed and the other day she landed one :) she started a blog about it:

    1. Thank you!! Congrats to your friend for her new "baby"! I keep seeing them pop up on craigslist but not for the right will happen though :) I know it!! Hope you'll stop in again!


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