Ella Got Her Ears Pierced

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last few weeks. I'm hoping to work on some more projects soon that I can share with you! For now here are some pictures of Ella getting her ears pierced. She turned 5 last month and this was one thing she's been wanting to have done after her 5th birthday. We were happy to let her do it sooner but in her head she wanted to be 5 first. I think she was just not ready yet and a little nervous so she always said that when she turned 5 she would be ready...and she was! She's been begging since her birthday and so we took her to Claire's over the weekend. She was incredibly brave and didn't make a peep or shed a single tear. Wow!! We were totally prepared for otherwise but she shocked us in how she handled it. The moment they pierced her ears (at the same time!) we saw a hint of a tear welling in her eyes but it quickly dried up and she was all smiles!

Here she is hugging on the Claire's bear as she listens to the lady telling her what she is going to do. She was a little nervous but we knew she would not back out. She wanted these!

She is all smiles the moment before it happens as both Claire's employees get the earring guns lined up.

And then they did it. You can immediately see it in her face.

Looking over to me for reassurance. I was clapping and cheering about how brave she was and how proud I was of her and that it was all done. You can tell in her eyes that it hurt but that was it. No tears or crying.

All smiles and admiring her new pink diamonds! 

I had to get a quick pic with my BIG girl!

How sweet is that face?! She is really growing up! I'm glad that this is done though. I think I was more nervous than she was...that's my baby afterall :)

Showing off the cute little bag that they give you so you can tell the world what you just did!! She's so proud! She really is cute with them!! (Can't believe it's been almost 3 years since Halle's ear piercing experience!)

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