I Love Handmade

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I absolutely love handmade items which is why I am addicted to Etsy ! There's nothing cooler than getting something that was hand created by another human being (and I don't mean hand made in a sweatshop). I recently came across an etsy seller who creates the most darling shoes for babies. Jessica of Mia Joie has the cutest designs ever and I was lucky enough to strike up a trade deal with her. One of my dresses in exchange for a pair of shoes! Well, they arrived in the mail today and I dashed out of my house the moment I saw my mailwoman drive away...wanted to wait until she was out of sight so she wouldn't see the crazy woman running to the mailbox! I tore the package open....and "Oh my goodness"...they are the most adorable things ever! The came sweetly packaged in a little labeled drawstring pouch and she even threw in a matching hairclip to boot!

Of course I had to put them on Ella immediately and the first thing she did was try to eat them! They fit perfectly thanks to the adjustable velcro strap and she has lots of room to grow into them! I love love love them! If you have little ones you MUST check out her site. And all you mamas of little boys don't fret....she has shoes for them too...and they are just as sweet!! Thanks Jessica...I will definitely be back!!


  1. they are cute. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Love them! Going to check out the site now...

  3. Thanks for posting this, Hana. I especially love the bottom pics with the baby jeans. I just love babies in little blue jeans! I am going to take pics and blog about your dress... It will just be in a day or two. I have 9 pairs that need to go out in one day {gulp}, plus a workshop for my teaching stuff at 8 am tomorrow on SATURDAY... boo hoo....


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