Sunday, October 12, 2008

If you have kids then you can probably relate to this blog. If you don't, you may want to skip this post all together. If you choose to continue, consider yourself warned that the content of this post is downright disgusting!

We had been enjoying a nice Sunday at home. It was almost 6pm and Todd had just gotten home from picking up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. I was putting away a few groceries and asked my almost 6yr old son to wake up Halle, 2 1/2yrs, from her afternoon nap. We knew she had been sleeping quite a while but didn't think anything of it. She has been known to take 3 1/2 hour naps on occasion. So it was to our horror when Hayden comes darting out of Halle's room repeatedly yelling "Halle pooped!". As I approached her doorway the first thing to hit me was the awful smell! I knew it was going to be BAD! When I peered inside I gasped. There she was, standing butt naked in the middle of her room. It was everywhere! By "It" I mean poop! Smeared on the bed, on the sheets, on 3 blankets, on her lovey....huge chunks of it were all across the room and most were smashed into the berper carpet. I was absolutely mortified! My husband came running in and we both just stood in horror. At one point I rolled her shopping cart away from the mess only to disvover that "the mess" was all over the wheels and had created a lovely trail. My husband not so gently removed her from the room and placed her on the toilet where she was to stay until we returned. As we assesed the damage, we noticed one thing...."Where is the diaper?". We then proceeded to tiptoe around the room, carefully lifting blankets and toys trying to find it. After a minute or two of searching I discovered it stashed inside her closet! I have to admit that the discovery made me smile for a moment at the thought of her carefully hiding it and thinking "mommy and daddy will never find it in here...and if they can't find it I won't get in trouble". They really are so innocent! Well, long story short, we stripped the room of all collateral damage, scrubbed the carpets, and gave Halle a bath. The sheets and blankets are freshly laundered, and Halle smells like lavendar. The carpets, well, they "look" clean but they will soon be getting a much more extensive deep cleaning. Hey mom....can I use that steam cleaner again?!


  1. I have heard of such things happening, but until now I always thought it was urban legend.

    Oh MAN!!! What an ordeal! Darn poop!

    I don't know how I ever escaped such an incident when mine were bitty. I'm afraid it would have scarred me, lol.

    Mmmmmm. Lavendar!

  2. Hey Hana, Oh, my! What a mess to have to clean up. I remember when Brittany did that, but she was in her crib and everything was confined to that area. I feel for you. Hopefully this will never happen to you again. What a story to tell her when she is all grown up.

    Happy Birthday! I hope that you had a good one. Love, Christy

  3. Wow...thats just crazy!

    My toddler loves to rip off his diaper, thankfully we have never had anything like that happen1

  4. OH NO! This puts the boys and the baby powder to shame, huh!!

  5. I don't have kids but I read on anyway. What an ordeal! I love it how American's say poop. In Australia we just say poo. Poop sounds cuter but of course in reality it is just the same. You deserve a medal.


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