Family Fun Day

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well, my computer is back and I am finally reconnected to the world! During one of our days without a computer my husband and I spent a fun Saturday with the kids. We had breakfast at McDonald's and spent a couple hours at Toys R Us letting the kids play and tell us what the wanted Santa to bring them. Hayden even learned how to ride a bike through the store!

After Toys R Us, Todd decided it would be fun to drive up to Pilot Mountain to look at all the beautiful leaves and have lunch. At this point in the year the leaves were mostly brown and the trees were bare but I didn't want to burst his bubble! I had fun picking on him during our drive as I pointed out all the brown leaves and how incredibly beautiful the nearly bare, brown leaved trees were! It was breathtaking!! Seriously though, we enjoyed the drive and all the kids were in good spirits!

We picked up some lunch at Wendy's to eat on our picnic on the mountain. Well, that was the plan anyway. When we got about a mile or so from the Pilot Mountain State Park parking lot we were redirected by a highway patrolman who informed us that the parking lot was full and that we could either turn around and go home or get in a line of cars and wait our turn for a spot. We were not about to go home so we circled around and got in line. That meant that we wouldn't be having the picnic we intended. Instead we passed the burgers and fries to the kids and we all ate in the car. About 20-25 min later we were ushered into the parking lot. We were all excited and ready to go until we stepped out of the car. When we left home it was about 55 degrees but it was 40 degrees and windy on the mountain. None of us had a heavy coat and it was freezing! It appeared that we weren't the only ones who didn't check the mountain forcast b/c we saw many people who were there in shorts and tank tops! I'm sure they didn't stay long. I had on jeans and a light jean jacket and I was as cold as an icicle. We knew that this was going to be a short visit! Since we had Ella bundled up in the stroller we weren't able to walk any of the trails since they were all made of rocky steps. Instead we took a few pictures at a couple overlooks, let the kids run around for a few minutes and collect leaves in their Halloween buckets, and then packed up the car and headed home! It was short and sweet but it was fun!

Todd and I cheesin' on the mountain!

Ella all bundled up nice n' cozy!

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