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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...You may or may not know about me. Sorry for my absence during the last few days. I've been busy experimenting, playing, and creating some new stuff for my girls. Plus, I'm trying to get caught up with some orders. Sooooo, if I'm gone here and there you'll know why. Anyway, here are a few random facts about me that you may have known or may have not had a clue. Feel free to share some things about you!

*I sew boutique clothing and baby accessories (ok, no surprise there)
*From grades K-12 I attended 10 different schools
*I have a phobia of public toilets and NEVER sit on them
*My first concert was Chicago (I was 14 and didn't know who they were at the time!)
*In 5th grade I placed 2nd in the school spelling bee
*That same year I placed 1st in the school Spanish spelling bee and went on to regionals
*I've never been stung by a bee/wasp/yellow jacket etc...
*I auditioned for an Emilio Estevez movie when I was 13 and made it thru a couple call-backs
*I chew ice
*I can't leave the house without making my bed
*I didn't get my license until I was almost 18 b/c I didn't want to drive the family minivan
*I still can't drive a stick shift
*I can wrap my legs behind my head (no dirty thoughts people...)
*However I am unable to do a split
*I am half middle eastern (my dad is from Damascus, Syria)
*I'm terrified of spiders
*I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order
*I've never been in a car accident (while I was driving...knock on wood)
*I've met Roy Rogers
*I was the editor of the school newspaper in 5th grade
*I can't whistle
*I have a navel piercing that I've kept thru 3 pregnancies
*Until I was married I always wore flip flops in the shower (??)
*I'm an aspiring photographer (just waiting to buy a nice camera)
*I trust Jesus with my life


  1. I laughed as I went through your first 24 facts and of course I cried at number 25. I love you sooo much and always feel so blessed to call you my daughter. I am WOWED by how God is transforming you into the most beautiful daughter a mother could have. Love...MOM

  2. I am so glad to learn more about you! I am also glad to be your son's teacher!

  3. How interesting, esp your family background. Flipflops in the shower? lol Are you a germ-o-phobe?


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