Something Funny

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today's post is nothing exciting. There's not even a photo to accompany my rambling. It's been a pretty boring day. The hubby is away at the firehouse, my son is recovering from strep throat, my almost 3 yr old daughter refuses to "go" in the potty, and the baby girl has a nose that's been running like Niagra Falls and has been stuck to me ALL DAY like white on rice. Not to mention its freezing outside so we've been stuck indoors all day. Yeah, it's been one of THOSE days!

Well, I guess you can always find a touch of humor even on the most mundane of days. Just a while ago I was in the middle of a ticklefest with Hayden when he began yelling out "Grandfather, grandfather!". I continued tickling paying no mind to the exclamations he was throwing out. Then again, between fits of laughter, he yells out "Grandfather, grandfather!". This time I paused, looked at him, and asked "Why do you keep yelling out grandfather?". He looked back at me, straight-faced, and says "well, what family member are you supposed to yell out when you give up and can't take anymore?" which I replied " mean UNCLE"!


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