Snow Cream Recipe

Monday, March 2, 2009

There's nothing better than making your own snow cream after a fresh snowfall! You will need:

8-10 cups packed snow (fresh & clean of course)
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp vanilla

Measure out your snow. Mix sugar, milk, and vanilla together in a separate bowl.

Pour sugar mixture into snow and stir with spoon.

Continue blending until your snow cream reaches the consistency of homemade icecream.

Spoon into serving dish.



  1. My mom used to make that for us- what a great memory!

  2. How fun! It reminds me of something they'd make in the Box Car Children--did you ever read those books as a kid? Looks delicious! Enjoy the coziness of winter--it's 75 here in Houston!

  3. Hi! I ran across your blog last week and added it to ones I follow. It's great! I sure wish we could do the snow cream...don't think it will ever happen here in Florida though. I'm a big fan of crafting and success...congrats on yours!

  4. Thanks for your encouragement. I Made Chocolate Snow Cream. Daniel Loved it.

  5. I've never heard of that before but YUM! Can I borrow some snow to try it? ;) No snow here in Ohio at the moment.


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