A Great Shoe Deal!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Need new shoes for your little tot? Have I found a great deal on the cutest leather baby/toddler shoes! Check out the squeaky shoes at Sophie's Chic Boutique. They have the most adorable styles for girls AND boys, and get this...they are ONLY $14.99 a pair!! Yeah, you heard right!! $14.99! But, if you go before midnight on 5/4 you get an additional 20% off!! What?!! Yeah, now they're just $11.99!! That's a steal people!

I ordered a pair and they were at my doorstep within 2 days! Talk about FAST service!! Not to mention that they came very nicely packaged...

...AND they even included a surprise goody bag for my little tot! How sweet is that?!..see that decorative little flower right there? That's actually a hairbow! I'm in LOVE with this place!! These shoes are so nice! Leather upper, leather lining, flexible rubber soles, and a built in squeaker that promotes walking (don't worry, it comes out if you prefer silence).

Ella loves her new shoes too! Can't you tell? Yummy!!


  1. I will have to check them out they are cute...

  2. this is awesome!! thanks hana! really stupid question. did you use their sizing chart? if so, which one? white sole only chart or leather only chart? prob makes perfect sense, but it's late and it doesn't to me for some reason! :)

  3. Those shoes are great! I wish I had a little girl to put them in!!!

  4. Cara, the leather chart is for most of the shoes. Some of the boys shoes have white soles so you would use the other chart for those. Just look at the photos and you can see which ones are white soled. R u gonna get some for your kiddos?


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