I'll Take That As A Compliment

Thursday, April 2, 2009

If you've read yesterday's post you would know that I took some photos of Ella for her party invites...some pretty darn good photos at that. In my opinion they are just as good as any professionally taken portraits. And, considering that I just got my camera all of two days ago and coupled with the fact that I've yet to receive any monetary compensation for my photographic services, I hardly consider myself a "professional"... yet.

Well, today I went into WalMart to pick up my photo invitations that I sent in to be printed via their website. When I gave the lady my name she went and retrieved my photos. I could see her across the way examining them and then whispering to her coworker. She then walked back over to me and said "Ms. Lynch, I'm not sure if anyone has called you but..". At this point I'm thinking that they must have screwed them up or there was some type of problem. She continued by saying "we will need a letter from the photographer on professional letterhead releasing the copyright for this photo!" I politely explained that I WAS the photographer and that I did in fact take that photo. She then lowered her eyebrows and said "then I need you to write a letter on your official letterhead explaining that". At that point I was beyond annoyed. I then proceeded to tell her that I had just bought my camera two days ago and that I took these photos by a window in my own living room. She challenged me by asking "if you are indeed the photographer then what kind of backdrop did you use for these photos?!". I could tell by her voice that she did not believe me and was waiting for me to faulter. I cooly replied "pink polka dot fabric." She was silent for a moment but then continued to say that I would still need a letter on official letterhead releasing the copyright. WHAT?!!! At that point I was exhasperated! I told her that I had my camera in the car (luckily) and that I would be back to PROVE that I took that photo. I did not hide the agitation in my tone. I then turned and left my shopping cart full of food and proceeded to the exit at the front of the store. I returned just a few minutes later w/ my camera in hand, flipped it on, scrolled through my photos until I found THE photo, then turned it to face her, and said "THERE!!". She looked up at me doubtingly and hesitated. In my mind I was thinking "WHAT?!! You have got to be kidding me! Do you think I stole the camera too?!"...but before I could vocalize my thoughts she replied "that's such a lovely photo, I guess I can release these to you...but in the future we will need a letter from you". Geeze!

I have to admit that despite my frustration I can't help but feel a bit flattered by this whole situation. I guess it means that my photography skills are on the right track!


  1. hahaha definitely take it as a compliment! they were beautiful pics!

    the same thing happened when my lil sis took her senior pictures in to be developed (i had taken most of them in our backyard). the people didn't believe her when she told them that.

  2. That is crazy, I have never heard of that before. Good thing you had your camera, I would still be complaining for the harrasment.

  3. Are you kidding me! I have never heard of that. I never have problems picking up my photos at Target... I've never heard of that. How could then even ask you for a release. There is no logo on it (right?). That just doesn't make sense. Well, I would definatly take that as a compliment!

  4. wow, that lady is intense! But really, I gotta say it, don't print your pictures at Walmart! I know it's cheap and they look ok, but trust me, paying a few more cents on 4x6s at a more professional printer is sooooo worth it! Especially when you take such lovely photos!

  5. Seriously that's the funniest story ever. At least Walmart is looking out for your best interest once you are professional, right? Great photos!

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