How Sweet

Friday, June 19, 2009

They learn so young. Ella already loves her babydoll even at the tender age of 14 months. She carries it around, hugs & kisses it, and offers it up for me to kiss it. She's not always gentle, as she drags it behind her or tosses it on the floor after play, but she's already learned that babydolls are meant to be loved, cuddled, and kissed. She carries her doll around along with her teacup and spoon while she stirs her tea and then offers a sip. It's so amazing how much they take in and learn in such a short time. I love watching her play, discover, and learn. I'm amazed at all she can do already. I tried to capture a sweet moment with Ella and her babydoll today but she was not up for being photographed. She wanted me to pick her up and kept chasing me. Since I was using a prime lens I couldn't zoom out and my feet wouldn't back up fast enough. So this is what I got. I kinda like it anyway. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. what a cute photo! You are so amazing. :)


  2. I love this photo! I like how she's kinda running out of the frame. Sweet


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