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Friday, July 3, 2009

Once again I have been selected as the winner for the we picture {this} monthly photography contest! I am so thrilled and honored! I truly love this great photography community! Well, in even more exciting news, the wonderful and talented group at we picture {this} has extended an invitation for me to become one of their photography blog contributors!! That's right! I now have the honor of contributing each month to their awesome blog and will be one of the judges voting on the monthly contests!! I am sooooo excited! I will definitely miss entering the monthly themes but am excited to have another venue to share my love of photography! If you haven't visited we picture {this} yet please do! We will not be holding a contest for the month of July but we will be sharing "summer" themed photos! The contest will resume again in August and I hear that there is going to be an awesome prize for the winner!!

In other news, one of my photos was selected on monday for Shutter Sisters One Word Project. Pretty cool! Be sure to check out this great site as well!


  1. Congratulations! That is so cool! Your photos are amazing so it's a well deserved honor.

  2. Wow!! That is absolutely awesome! You so deserve it, your pics are amazing!!!!!! Congrats!

  3. I've got to know...what do you edit with? You've got some awesome shots!


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