Along came a spider...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

....and bit a gigantic hole in Halle's least that's the story she gave me when I found the gaping wound in her spongebob jammies! Hmmmmmm...I'm not buying it.

And yes, we did learn a lesson about telling lies. Hopefully she had plenty of time to think about it during time-out.


  1. Lol--that's hilarious! My kiddos, as you know, are quite prone to disaster themselves.... like spilling coffee on LCD screen of my new printer, drawing on the couch in pen... or writing on our white pedestal table in sharpie. All these things take place while I am in the shower...

    Hey, what's the countdown now? Come to Houston and I'll treat you to dinner and a movie ;)

  2. Ha! That is one enormous spider!!! Too cute! Um- Not the fibbing of course!


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