In Pursuit of the Perfect Christmas Card Photo: a photo session

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This year I am determined to send out Christmas cards! Every year I set out to do so but every year it just doesn't seem to get done. This year I planned it out early. I drive by this beautiful red barn every single day and I knew it would be the perfect spot to take the kid's photos. I stopped by the owner's home a few days ago to ask permission just to make sure it was ok with him. Luckily he consented. I didn't necessarily want a Christmas themed photo so I chose the kid's wardrobe accordingly. I found the girls' clothing on clearance at Target. I love how their outfits coordinate but don't match. I bought Hayden's shirt at Target as well.

The shoot went as I expected. The older two listened pretty well but all Ella wanted to do was run around. I knew she would be the Wild Card of the whole deal. In the end I got what I was after. You'll have to wait to see the card to see the shot I chose. For now, here are a few others that are cute!


  1. Cute, Hana! Mia has that dress, too:

    IT's almost time.... :)

  2. I love the shots! I'm not very camera savvy, but I have a good friend who is, so we just did a shoot with her in front of a log cabin, which is actually a place where plays are performed. I can't wait to get our cards out this year!

  3. Love these!! I love the one with some sun flare!!! My little bug has the same dress that Ella me some Target.

  4. Not sure I could afford you even if we lived close, but sure wish so! I've had just the girls on our Christmas cards for years sure would be nice to have one of all of us....Great shots! Can't wait to see the "one" you use!


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