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Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's been a while since I posted just a photo of my son so here it is. I got him to look up at me long enough to snap, and unfortunately it's not even in focus. Uuggh! Oh well. He wasn't about to give me a second chance. As I've stated before on here he doesn't have much patience when it comes to me and my camera. I guess I can't blame him. Can you see all those new teeth? He's been losing them right and left. In fact he lost his most recent one on Christmas Eve! That's right, we had a visit from Santa AND the Tooth Fairy all on one night! Not many kids can say that! Hope everyone is having a great week despite this ridiculously cold weather we've been experiencing! (and for all of you wondering...no your eyes aren't playing tricks on you...that is snow you're seeing on the blog!)

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