DIY Unconventional Wall Decor & a Yucky Bug

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So glad to be on the other side of that nasty bug that's been going know the one I'm talking about...I won't go into the gory details. Yesterday was rough. What made it worse was that when I forcefully dragged myself to the other end of the house to get my baby girl out of her bed I found her laying in her own vomit...yeah, she had it too. That's when I knew I had to call the hubby and make him come back home. I'd like to think of myself as being SuperMom but I could barely stand much less take care of 3 kids, one of which was sick like me. So I got her out of bed, stripped her down and bathed her while she dry heaved the entire time. If you've ever been severely ill and had to take care of an ill child you'll know that's it's nearly humanly impossible. I was dizzy, my body ached, my throat was raw, and I was constantly running back and forth between the toilet (ok, I told you I'd spare the details but if you're a mom I know you can handle it, if not, I'm sorry) and tub trying to bathe her all the while hoping I could get her out before she threw up in her bath water and make me start over again. Luckily I got her bathed, dried, and dressed in fresh pjs without any episodes. I even stripped out her dirty crib sheets, blankets, lovies, and baby doll and got the laundry started and laid towels throughout the house in an effort to keep the carpets clean. By the time Todd walked in I was on the floor completely spent. I crawled back to my bed where I remained until night when I got up to eat chicken soup...bad idea BTW. But, today is a new day and I am feeling so much better.

Prior to yesterday though I had been working on a project for my breakfast nook wall. Up until now I only had a framed wedding photo and it was lacking. It wasn't until recently that I knew what I wanted to hang in that space...shutters. I wanted a pair of old rustic plantation style farmhouse shutters in a shade of blue. So I went searching. I eventually found the exact ones that I wanted at a local antique warehouse. Only problem was that they were hunter green. But they were perfect. I loved their size and the fact that they were old and chipping and made of solid wood. When I bought them I was told that the seller made frequent trips to Italy in search of antiques to sell. I like to think that these might have had a previous life on an old farmhouse on a vineyard in Italy's wine country! These shutters were used to display other pieces and weren't actually for sale but the dealer made a quick call to the seller and she agreed to sell them to me! Yippee!!

I decided on a pale blue color called Summer Sorbet.

And after a couple coats of paint and a few heavy duty gorilla nails they are perfect. I'm still trying to decide what to hang on them. I think this little star gets lost so I'm thinking of getting a larger one and painting it cream. Or maybe a seasonal wreath depending on the time of year.

I also decided to hang up some old bundt pans on one side. It's still a work in progress. I have lots of ideas and things to add. I'm going for a "homey" cottage or farmhouse feel. What do you think? I'm no designer. I'm just inspired by a lot of things. I have more projects in the works so check back soon! Happy Saturday!


  1. I love it Hana! I love how rustic yet clean it looks! Great DIY!

  2. thanks ali! I'm really loving how it turned out. I'm now working on another quick and easy project that I'll be sharing soon. I might even have a little something to give away!!

  3. Love it! I'm in the process of looking for shutters now to go by my desk to hold mail, pictures and such. Love your idea!


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