A Valentine's Birthday Party

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today we celebrated Halle's 4th birthday with a Valentine's themed party. It was originally scheduled for last saturday but b/c of snow and illness we had to postpone until today. Well, we woke to find that it had snowed, yet again...for the 4th weekend in a row, but luckily it was a small amount and was gone by mid-day. It was a chilly but beautifully sunny afternoon! The birthday girl was busting at the seams waiting for her guests to arrive. Deservedly so since she had to wait an extra week for her party.

The great thing about my children's birthday's is that they all fall around a holiday where there are lots of fun candy and decor available. Hayden's is the week of Halloween, Halle's is Valentine's Day and Ella, depending on the year, will have a birthday near Easter. The pink and red of Valentine's Day made it easy to find a ton of great stuff for a girly party. I thought that it would be fun to have a candy buffet with everything being pink or red!

The line-up included pink & red M&Ms, pink marshmallows, pink & white DOTS, red hots, Sweet Tart conversation hearts ("tweet me" is a new phrase!), strawberry whoppers, strawberry Twizzlers, strawberry fruit snacks, and Haribo raspberries!! Can you say YUM!!

To keep things inexpensive I made cupcakes but when I ran to Walmart for a few last minute items I saw these darling mini cakes out for Valentine's Day. I couldn't resist. It was perfect perched on the top tier of the cake stand! Halle loved it too!!

Don't these look delish?! Strawberry cake, pale pink frosting, and white pearl non-pareils make for a perfect girly cupcake...feminine & sweet!

Feeling a bit shy while listening to us sing "Happy Birthday" to her. She always does this thing with her mouth when she's trying not to laugh or smile or when she's feeling shy.

Making a wish and blowing out her candles. I'd be willing to bet that she wished to have all of the family at home together (which we were). This is what she always wishes for whenever she makes a wish on a fallen eyelash. She has the sweetest most tender heart. Gosh I LOOOVE that girl!


  1. everything looks lovely! happy birthday, halle!!

  2. Darling party! Love all the goodies in the glass jars!
    Saw the pic of your baby and her lip, give her a hug for me. I would have freaked!

  3. My baby is turning 2 in a few weeks and we are planning on doing a Vday party. So sweet and cute! Where did you get the great table clothes?

  4. The tablecloths were a Target find! I'm sure if you check there they will have a great new selection for this year. They always have great Valentine's Day stuff! Have a great party! Thanks for commenting!


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