Beautiful Day!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today is such a gorgeous day! I adore spring! I decided to take the girls over to a local garden today to enjoy the lovely weather. The trees were full of leaves, rows of freshly planted flowers were in bloom, and the sunshine was wonderful! I brought the wagon along and the girls both enjoyed the ride along the trails. Of course we stopped here and there for photo ops but for the most part we just walked around. It seems lots of other people were out doing the same thing. Here are a couple images from our outing! I hope you are having lovely weather too! Happy Thursday!

Make a wish...

PS. If you are still in need of spring portraits for your children I am still honoring my $99 Spring Photo Deal that includes 2 prints! This is the perfect time of year to have beautiful photographs taken! Contact me for more details or to book a session!


  1. I feel like a stalker, because when I see pictures of your girls, I just sit and stare. They are absolutely gorgeous and you are so fantastic at capturing beauty from just about everything!

    Love the magazine, I have been clinging to it daily!

  2. Thanks so much! They are probably 2 of the most photographed non-celebrity people! Ha! Glad you love the magazine! I look at mine all the time and am always inspired! Have a great day!

  3. Hello Hanna, What beautiful little girls you have...those eyes are unbelievable! I wished we lived closer and my Grandchildren weren't nearly 2,000 miles away or I'd take you up on your photo session! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Friday. Best Wishes....Maura

  4. Adorable! Your photos are stunning! I love these bright colours!
    Happy weekend,

  5. Great photos as always! Quick question... did you make the hat that your oldest daughter is wearing? I'm looking for something similar for Lilly. What about the beautiful flower hair bows? Could you shoot me a message on FB to let em know?


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