Heading Home

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well, here it is, the end of our vacation. It's the day everyone dreads the moment they first plan their fabulous trip. But it is inevitable. This morning we are packing things up and loading the cars. We don't have to check out until 10am so we are taking our time and savoring every last minute in this beautiful home. It has been a wonderful trip. It wasn't filled with lots of crazy excursions and adventures but instead we simply enjoyed a week nestled in this house enjoying the beach and each others company. We took turns cooking nearly every night and enjoyed delicious home-cooked comfort food! During this trip I started my sea glass collection and am now hooked on collecting these beautiful bits of sea tumbled glass. In fact early this morning I went out one last time and found my favorite piece. A beautiful aqua colored triangle shaped piece with perfectly rounded corners and a gorgeous frosted surface! Perfect for a necklace pendant. I wonder what it used to be a part of. I wonder how long it's been in the sea being tumbled and sculpted into the beautiful piece it is now. You know, if you think about it, sea glass is a lot like us as people. We are imperfect and flawed. Yet if we give ourselves over to God and allow Him to mold us and work in us He will bring out the beauty that he intended when He created us. Something to think about.
Well, I guess I need to sign out and pack up this computer. Pray for safe travel for us as we head back home. It was so nice to get away and relax. Have a restful weekend everyone!


  1. what a beautiful entry
    i love that!! i've never thought of the comparison before

    the beach where we vacation is on the gulf and there are little to no shells nor seaglass. collecting the two is one of my favorite things to do too

    your family photo is gorgeous
    have a safe trip :)

  2. Hana, This is such a beautiful post. Praying for safe travels.
    Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!


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