I miss my refrigerator...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I never really noticed how much I loved it until it stopped working yesterday. I was cleaning up from dinner, homemade pizza, when I opened the freezer to find that everything was turning to mush. "uh-oh!" Long story short, we ran 3 coolers of frozen food to a friends house at 10pm last night and then had to remove all of our refrigerator foods and place those in coolers as well. This morning we ran those over to a neighbors house and took over every last inch of space they had in their fridge. So now we have a completely useless 6.5 yr old Kenmore Elite refrigerator. It seems no one works on weekends anymore as we have been unable to find a repairman to come and take a look. Sears told us they could have someone over on the 29th!!! Whatever! So we are living out of this...

The only thing that's in it is some apple juice, capri suns, and a few ziploc bags of thawed pizzas that I baked late last night so we wouldn't lose them entirely. At least now we can reheat them in the microwave and serve them as leftovers. Blech!

This is the offending fridge (and no my house doesn't always look so cluttered...oh wait, yes it does!...and yes the fridge is pulled out it doesn't always stick out like that). It is still running and the lights are all on but it no longer cools AT ALL. If any of you know what might be going on feel free to leave a comment. Maybe you have a fridge repair man for a husband...feel free to ask him about it. In the meantime we'll be living on lots of bread, popcorn, and cereal...without milk of course. The moral of this story...appreciate your fridge. Go give it a big hug and let it know how much it means to you b/c tomorrow it might just quit. Happy Sunday!


  1. Ah, that stinks! No ideas for you except take-out and a cocktail! Hope it's up and running soon!


  2. So what you're say is, 'the lights are on but no one's home'? lol I'm so sorry! We had that happen a couple years ago...we ended up getting a new fridge.

  3. I am so sorry Hana! I wish I had some advice but we are completely lacking in those kinds of skills over here! Your post made me laugh though - I will give my fridge a hug before I head to bed tonight!


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