Little Luke: a photo session

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yesterday evening I got to play with Luke again! I took Luke's newborn photos last year and I cannot believe he's already about to turn one!! Wow, time flies! He was a lot of fun to photograph though he never took his eyes off of daddy! He followed him EVERYWHERE!! So cute! Thanks D&S for letting me photograph your sweet little boy once again! I hope you love your photos!


  1. He is so precious. The 2nd picture is too cute!
    I love your blog Hana. Love to check out what you post and the soothing music is calming, and perfect escape for a mama with a hectic household. Hope you have a beautiful day.

  2. These pictures are so always...:)
    Is this in a park or your yard?? It is so pretty. I am up in Canada and the flowers haven't really hit their stride yet. SOON i hope!
    Thanks for sharing


  3. Thanks girls! Glad you came by! Mande, glad you like the music and find it relaxing. I love it too. And Kate, I WISH this was my yard...ha! It's a local garden.

  4. He is adorable and I LOVE how rich and bright the colors are in these pics! That second photo is priceless!


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