Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...from baby crib to "Big Girl" bed, that's what Ella has been doing over the last week. She just randomly decided last wednesday, May 19th (our 9th wedding anniversary), that she wanted to sleep in the toddler bed that has been in her room since before she was born. We bought the bed when Halle was just 22 mos old when we were trying to transition her out of the crib before Ella's upcoming arrival. Halle slept in it immediately and never looked back. Fast forward 2.5 years and our "baby" is now making the same transition. She just turned 2 last month and I can't believe it's already time. It's a bittersweet moment for me...happy to see her growing and thriving, sad to see her leaving behind a little bit more of the baby in her. (I want to add that I am perfectly ok with her staying in the crib longer but she decided on her own that it was time)

Bedtime and naptime over the last week has been an up & down ride. She has always been an easy baby to put to bed but the transition has created a bit of a battle...most times she has cried at the very mention of the words bedtime or naptime. Sometimes she slept in the "big girl" bed while other times she went back to the crib. We never knew what to expect. However the last 2 days/nights have been easy as pie. She goes right to her bed, climbs in, and begins pulling her blankets around her. In fact I had to stop while writing this b/c my husband couldn't find her...turns out he had mentioned that it was bed-time and she had already climbed in her bed in the dark and was patiently waiting on us to tuck her in! How sweet! If that doesn't say "big girl" I don't know what does.

Here she is with her bedtime entourage which includes 4 lovies, 3 blankets, "baby", puppy, purse w/ cell phone, sunglasses, and bracelets, and her Sleep Sheep set to rain mode. Of course she'll add other necessities at any given time but these are the "must-haves" for "nite nite." Yeah, she's a little high maintenance.

And of course, what bed-time is complete without some snuggle time with daddy (and mommy too). There has been a lot of this going on this week to help make the transition easier....for all of us!


  1. Such a sweet post. A bittersweet time that I am trying not to think about yet. It is so hard to watch them grow out of the baby phase. My son graduated from preschool tonight and I am very emotional. I feel like he was just 2 and reading night night stories in the rocking chair. They grow up too fast. xo

  2. precious!! I LOVE what she has in her bed. It makes me feel better...Jake takes everything but the kitchen sink to bed with him. :(

  3. What a beautiful post Hana! Ella is such a doll. Lillie is going to be ready for a "big-girl" bed soon too and I am dreading it. =( Why do they grow up so fast?

  4. Such a big girl!! We'll be making the transition soon too with Max. I can only hope it goes as smooth as it did for Ella :) Great pics!

  5. Oh I'm there and I just stare and say,"Please stop growing my little one." But, then I realize how much I cherish each stage. A true miracle ;)Alyssa


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