House Party

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to try something I've never done before. I canned my own salsa for the first time! It was actually the first time that I have canned anything. I've seen my mom do it a few times as a kid but was never really interested in the process. And my grandmother canned everything! Her apple butter was the absolute best! I miss eating it. It was soooo delicious and sweet! Well, Saturday I got together with a few friends, one of which was selected to host a "Fresh Taste of Summer" House Party. They provided all the tools necessary for successful canning and we provided the fresh ingredients! It was a lot of work but so much fun and now we have yummy homemade salsa to last us quite a while! Thanks Kara, Leslie, and Heather for the fun experience and thanks to all the husbands for entertaining the kids while we worked! Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Fabulous use of selective color. It gives it a nice old-fashioned feeling. I used to make pommegranate jelly every Fall with my neice. That is one of the few things I will really miss about that old house.

    I would definitely keep this picture in a special album or frame!

  2. Thanks Lori! I don't normally do selective color but I thought it worked for this photo to highlight our accomplishment! I'm hoping to make my grandmother's apple butter recipe in the fall!! It's one of my favorite memories of my grandmother...homemade apple butter on homemade biscuits! Delish!


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