Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She's nearly 5...I can't believe it! Time flies and I'm wondering where it all went so quickly. I took her outside in the snow today to grab a few photos for her birthday invitation. It was a freezing 26 degrees with a few flurries still falling. She wasn't happy. I felt rushed. The session was very short and we ended up back inside within minutes, her crying and me shaking in frustration. I figured there'd be nothing usuable...but amidst the photos of her squinting, crying, and pouting I found these little gems! I just adore her sweet expressions...makes the crying and fighting worth the effort!

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  1. Oh my word how precious. You are correct...totally worth it! Love those lashes!

  2. You got some good ones! Isnt it funny how you can walk away feeling so defeated and then find these little treasures?!

  3. your daughter is gorgeous and so are these shots (and edits!). very pretty!

  4. Oh my, gems indeed!! She's gorgeous, and these are awesome.

    Bless your heart.

  5. These are beautiful! Isn't is so exciting when you think you aren't going to have anything even remotely usable and you get a good one (and even better when you get two!) She is such a doll!


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