Switcheroo: Kids Rooms Before & After (part 1)

Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been putting of this project for a couple years now. When we moved into our current home we had one son and one daughter. Naturally, Hayden was given the larger bedroom since he was the oldest. Well, three months after we moved in we found out we were expecting our 3rd child, Ella. I knew the time would come that we'd have to make the dreaded room switch in order to give the two girls the larger space...it just makes sense for it to be that way. Hayden is now 8 and Halle has been sleeping in his spare bed ever since we moved Ella from our room into the "girls" room. She slept better alone and Halle loves being with her big brother. Hayden has never complained about sharing but with Ella approaching the age of 3 I knew it was time for the girls to be sharing a space full time. Soooo, we made the decision last week to "just do it". We found a great deal on some new beds for the girls and a steal on some luxury mattresses ($100 each for $2K and $3K mattresses at a high end going out of business sale!). When I get my mind set on a project I want it done yesterday so we dove in and I spent 2 afternoons painting and Todd added shelving to Hayden's old closet to accommodate 2 well-dressed little girls! Our home was a complete wreck for several days as we emptied the contents of their rooms and closets into our living spaces! I think I had a panic attack at one point. I am so thankful that it is done (mostly) and our home is back to normal. The kids LOVE their new spaces.

Today I'm sharing Hayden's new room. It's pretty similar to what he had before except for a few added accessories and a new paint color, Hinting Blue, from Sherwin Williams. This B&A shows the girls old room transformed into a cool boys room. I forgot to take a real "before" shot since it actually had Ella's toddler bed and some bookshelves instead of the mattresses and box springs you see. When we bought the new mattresses we went ahead and moved stuff out of their room so they could sleep on them a couple nights prior to beginning the project. You get the idea anyway.

View from the door. All of the wall accessories over the beds were found at Hobby Lobby! They have some cool stuff at great prices! I'm still not finished accessorizing but it may be a while before I get everything finished and I wanted to go ahead and share. I still need to hang his cute little fire truck shelf and add some more "fireman" themed items from the hubby's stash.

Hayden's bed.

A spot for one of his friends to sleep (now that he no longer has to share with Halle). The little pillow in front was his naptime pillow I stitched up for him to use during rest time in Kindergarten.

I love these shadow boxes. With Todd being a firefighter he gets lots of these as gifts. That larger one was a gift from his last fire captain before Todd himself was promoted to captain.

Not too much happening here. Still looking for the right accessories. These were just some things that he's always had on his dresser.

The fire dept badge on his teddy was a souvenir find from the Magic Kingdom fire dept gift shop in Disney World. Fits Teddy nicely!

Check back for the girls room reveal soon. It's still a work in progress. Happy weekend!


  1. It turned out so cute! I love all of the firefighter accessories!

  2. Turned out fabulous - my favorite part are those shadow boxes!!!!

  3. This is so fabulous, I'm gonna send the link over to Bron at BabyKidSpace! So awesome!


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