Outtakes with Ella: a 3rd birthday photo session

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I always like to do birthday photos a few weeks ahead of schedule, especially with Ella, just in case she won't cooperate. This gives me room to do a reshoot if I don't get something I'm happy with. Luckily this time she WANTED to get her picture taken! I ordered her a new hair accessory and she was excited to wear it. I got everything set up and then she decided she wasn't going to stand still unless I put her rocking horse in the photo with her. Ok, whatever...I was just planning to do a head shot anyway so that would be easy enough to work around. We spent about 5 minutes taking photos and when I saw this one in camera I knew it was what I wanted. Done. I'm happy. No tears...from her OR me!

She looks like an angelic little doll in this one. I love it...so sweet and innocent...HA!

And just so you don't get the wrong idea and think that she takes perfect photos like a nice little girl every time I thought I'd share a few that won't make the invitation....on 2nd thought, they might be kinda cute!

For every sweet shot I got from her I had about 100 that resembled this:

She had to get a sneak peak after the session....this was her favorite! I think it's pretty cute too! Happy Wednesday all!


  1. She is too cute! Precious pictures!

  2. SHe is SO adorable! And you are an amazing photographer. Beautiful blog, found you from Martina's,
    ~ Violet

  3. So sweet! These are absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous shots!


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