Kids Life Magazine Feature!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back in June I was contacted by the editor of a German parenting magazine called Kids Life. She found my blog/website and wanted to use my photos in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Of course I agreed! So, after a month of email conversations between us and two months of waiting imagine my excitement when I opened my mailbox to find a package with German postage!!! My copies had finally arrived! The magazines are bright and beautiful and entirely in German (as expected :) ). It is a great magazine and I'm flattered to have my work included. My feature is actually my kids room designs and the magazine gives their readers ideas to recreate the look for themselves. Pretty neat, huh! I think so anyway :)


  1. So sweet of you Hana to feature the magazine! Such a pitty we don't have an english issue too - maybe one day ... I love your post here!

  2. Your welcome Martina! I'm excited to be a part of your magazine! An english issue would be great...but like you said, maybe one day!

  3. So so proud of you honey...this is only the beginning. Hang on!!!!


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