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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little over a week before Christmas I had the chance to do a combined session for my 3 children and my nephews on my husband's side in order to create a surprise photo gift for my in-laws! My BIL met me with his two boys and we headed to a local field. The lighting couldn't have been more beautiful and the kids were so well behaved and followed instructions. The photos were coming out beautifully and I was so excited with what I knew was going to be an amazing gift! However once I returned home and uploaded my images to my computer I discovered that my memory card had gone corrupt and many of favorites were completely destroyed and unsalvageable. All that were left were bits and pieces of images..."truncated files" was the term photoshop kept using...I was devastated. I called my husband in tears, completely frustrated and heartbroken with the situation. "But they were so good" is all I kept saying over and over. I was forced to step away and leave the ordeal at my desk since we were committed to being a part of a live Christmas Nativity at my church that evening and I was already running behind. It was probably a good thing. Once I returned home late in the evening I was able to sit down clear headed and see what images could be saved. Fortunately it was not a total loss and the more I weeded through them the more little gems I discovered that were perfectly fine. The more I found, the more I was at peace with the ones I had lost. No use crying over spilt milk, right? At least when there's still a few good sips left in the glass. In the end I was more than happy with what I could save. That worn out memory card has been replaced and the finished gift was perfect. I created a 16x20 mounted & framed storyboard for them to hang on their wall as well as a framed 16x20 mounted image of all 5 grandkids. They LOVED them! Happy ending!



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  1. Gorgeous pictures, Hana! I'm sure you're in-laws LOVED them!


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