Our Hearts & Home Have Expanded By 4 feet!! Meet Oliver (aka Ollie)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It happened on a whim but we couldn't be more in love with him!! We've been promising the kiddos a pet for a couple of years now...we actually had a sweet pomeranian, Teddy, early in our marriage until Hayden was just one year old but ended up having to give him to a friend because he needed more attention than I could give him with a baby and working full time. Now that the kids aren't babies we've been promising a puppy soon. This would really be their 1st pet since Hayden can only remember Teddy thru photos. One stipulation I have though is that we replace the carpets with hardwoods before bringing a puppy into the home because I am not doing house training with carpet again. We are planning to make this change next year. However, I grew up with a kitty and have always been a cat lover so on a whim late Tuesday night I started looking up ragdoll breeders online "just to see".  I've always admired the sweet, sociable and gentle nature of Ragdoll kitties and figured they'd be a great fit for our family. Within 18 hours of my "idea" my husband (who is NOT a cat person) was on board and we found, visited and brought home our new kitty! Crazy, I know!! We have named him Oliver, for his olive-green eyes, and he is a solid bi-color ragdoll. He is incredibly sweet natured and loves to be petted and played with. He and I have already formed a special bond and I enjoy our snuggle time very much! My husband is already admitting that he may just change his mind about cats! The kids, of course, are in love too!! Here are a few photos to introduce him. I am sure you will see many more photos of him along the way!

Oliver (aka Ollie) 8weeks 4days old


  1. Eeek! I'm in love! So cute. Are all 'ragdoll' breed cats long hair? We have allergies and we miss having our cat. We've been thinking about getting a kitten.

  2. Yes, they are a longer hair breed but are supposed to shed less than other long and short hair breeds b/c they don't have an undercoat. However its not the fur but the dander (shedding dead skin cells) and saliva that causes allergies. All cats (and dogs) will shed some dander. I have read that cats who shed less fur (like the Ragdoll) will shed less dander. My husband has always had bad allergies to cats(sneezing, itchy, swollen, red eyes, etc), which is why I haven't been able to have a kitty since being married but so far he hasn't had a single problem...even with the kitty jumping on the bed and snuggling with him at night.


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