Bye Bye Summer...Hello Back 2 School

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wow...back to school already?! Where did this summer go?! It's insane how quickly these last 2.5 months have passed. So quickly that I didn't have time to blog. Sorry about that! We are still here but have just had lots going on and finding time to blog in the midst of the craziness has taken a back seat. 

Today Halle & Hayden started back in 1st and 4th grades! Halle actually has Hayden's teacher from Kindergarten so that has made this transition a little easier for her. She started to shed a few tears this morning when we arrived to her class but after a little encouragement from me and her teacher she was all smiles. Hayden of course was just fine although a little reluctant to finally let go of summer break. He's not ready for homework he! It seems the day went well for both of them though because they came home with smiles. Hope everyone else has a smooth transition back to school as well....and if school isn't back in session where you are I hope you're soaking in your last bits of sun & fun!

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  1. LOVE these images. So glad you jumped in there with them. Lovely


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