Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween...a day late!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe night of trick-or-treating and fall festivals! It was a freezing and windy evening here (thanks to the effects of Sandy) but we braved the the cold and made our rounds thru the neighborhood collecting treats and chatting with the neighbors! This year both of my sisters and their children, as well as my brother and my parents all did trick-or-treating together. It is chaotic getting us all ready but everyone had a great time. We even had an unexpected guest during our walk, a large deer who came bounding out of nowhere right thru our group and then vanished into the woods behind some houses. He came through us like lightning and some of the group only heard the hoofs on the pavement because he was here and gone so quickly. We live in a very populated large neighborhood so this encounter was definitely not the norm but very cool. Luckily he didn't collide with anyone but he was very close! I think we talked about it for 30 minutes afterwards because it got us all so excited, lol! It will definitely be a memory that won't be soon forgotten!

The kids finished the evening with quite a large candy haul and I think we'll be set with sweets until Easter (yikes)!! In addition to the candy, my sister made everyone some delicious caramel/chocolate apples for dessert so that we'd all be sugared up for sure. Yum!! I hope you had as much fun as we did. I am sooo ready for this holiday season!! It's my favorite time of year...I can almost hear the jingle bells :)

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