Snow Day!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

We have been long overdue for the fluffy white stuff but we finally got a few inches dropped in our area overnight!! The kids took full advantage of their day off from school and spent the better part of the morning sledding and having snowball fights with the neighborhood kids! I enjoyed some quiet moments watching from inside while sipping my hazelnut coffee. I think I could use a few more of these snow days :) I managed to make a quick appearance outside just long enough to snap a few photos of my kids and then quickly tiptoed back inside where the gas-log fire had enveloped the house with warmth. Oliver was not a fan of the snow and all the commotion and unusual gear that went along with it. He was spooked by all the "snow stuff" and stayed clear until the kiddos along with their boots, snow bibs, and sleds were safely outside. Then he reappeared and sat by the back door and watched...quick to scamper away if any of them came near, lol!
Once everyone was all snowed out we had to make our traditional snow cream. It's super easy and the kids (and husband) love it!

10 cups of packed snow (no yellow!)
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1-2 tbsp vanilla extract

Simply mix your milk, sugar and vanilla in a cup or bowl until sugar is dissolved. Then pour the mixture into your large bowl of fresh snow. Mix until creamy and serve immediately. Your kids will thank you..even more so if you let them help!! Happy Friday!!

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