Valentine's Dinner Update (with Instagrams)

Friday, February 15, 2013

UPDATE: Dinner turned out super yummy!! I'm so glad I tried something new in the kitchen...although there was a very scary moment when I thought I might burn the house down. The olive oil caught fire in the pan and erupted in huge flames for about 20 seconds!! I was afraid it was going to burn the cabinets and microwave. Not to mention that we had to open every door and window in the house b/c the smoke alarm was going crazy from all the smoke. For those of you who don't know, olive oil has a very low smoking point and if you're gonna cook with it at high temperatures it's gonna smoke....a huge white billowing smoke clouds. I expected smoke b/c I roast with it often in the oven...but nothing could prepare me for the smoke that comes from cooking with a cast iron pan (which I bought just for this meal) on the stove over high heat. Holy Smokes Batman!! Halle was crying she was so frightened by it, lol. But all crazy fire and smoke aside the meal turned out wonderful..even though I finished the steaks in the oven a little too long (per instructions I found online) and they were more cooked than we preferred but still yummy! I definitely plan to make this meal again..maybe cooking in just butter to avoid the smoking fire issue!! We got a super great deal on grass-fed filet mignon at Earthfare (as in 32 oz worth for $13...yeah...normally $18-$20/lb) so we have enough for another meal!! Oh and I like mushrooms now!! Who knew! I have always HATED mushrooms but I sauteed these portobellos in a little butter and red wine and "Oh my Yum!" they were so delicious! So yeah, I like mushrooms :)

 And just so we could actually eat a peaceful dinner together I cooked a separate meal for the kids and we let them eat in Hayden's room on tv trays while watching cartoons. It was perfect! They loved it, we loved it...might have to do this more often!

ETA: Oh..and look what just arrived on my doorstep...chocolate covered strawberries!! I was so surprised! My hubby did great this year...roses and chocolate strawberries!! I love how he scheduled them to be delivered on different it feels like an extended Valentine's Day!! Yay! And that white bow fits Ella's head an added hair accessory to boot!

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