Craigslist & the Importance of Knobs

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My girls share a room. It's a nice size bedroom and the girls are only 2 years apart in age so this arrangement has always worked out great. You can see a full post on their room here. However, storage for 2 growing girls has become an issue. Girls have a lot of stuff...especially in terms of clothing and accessories. There are play clothes, church clothes, dress-up/princess clothes, school clothes (the kids school requires uniform or SMOD), bedtime/pjs, and then of course you have winter/fall vs spring/summer clothes. In addition there are accessories of all kinds and let's not forget shoes!! Doing the girls' laundry has been a nightmare for  long time b/c I am constantly running into the issue of not enough space or storage. I dread doing their laundry. They have one standard size closet and one tiny dresser. When we did their room 2 years ago we added an extra row of hanging space and plastic bins in the closet to help combat the storage issue as much as we could. However it was time for an additional dresser and in order to do that the girls had to give up their reading space :( It was a necessary switch and we are so glad we did it. While the storage issue isn't entirely fixed this new dresser really helps out. The bookshelf from their reading space fit nicely into the closet where they now store toys and puzzles. There was also enough space in the closet to keep one of the plastic drawer bins which holds shoes and dolls.

Anyway, I say all this to lead into the topic of searching for a dresser. I had a very specific idea in mind so to craigslist I went. And craigslist came thru once again! I found the exact dresser I wanted...except for the fact that it was already painted by the previous owner and I had wanted one in it's original state so I could paint it myself. Plus when you find something already painted the price is typically higher since the seller has already invested time and paint into it. I waited a couple of weeks before going for this one. Seller wanted $200 but I walked away with it for $125...not too shabby. The seller had painted it with Annie Sloan Old White over Graphite (black) and then distressed it enough for bits of the black to show thru. I was not a fan of the black underneath but willing to work with it. I took my coarse sanding block and distressed it further down to the original wood and I was much happier with that. The biggest improvement however are the knobs! The piece came with ugly shiny black knobs that did nothing for it. I stopped by my favorite place for knobs, Anthropologie, and found these gorgeous vintage-inspired glass knobs! Swoon! Instant makeover!! The copper centers help bring out the warm wood tones in the distressing and along with the curvy lines this is one girly dresser. Halle LOVES it and it looks so pretty in their room!!


With the little bit of extra distressing to reveal the wood tones I now barely notice the black.

Aren't these knobs just adorable? It's amazing how such a simple thing like knobs can completely change the look of a piece of furniture. Never discount the potential of a piece of furniture based on it's ugly knobs. Simply change them.


Picked up this vintage planter while antique hunting with my mom two weeks ago. I have the exact same one (in brown) holding pens on my own desk. Halle likes having something just like mommy :)

The "dinglehopper" from Halle's recent mermaid party. She's a huge Ariel fan so she wanted to keep these little treasures displayed in her room along with the signed picture from Ariel herself.

View from the swivel mirror. Notice Oliver catching a nap in one of his favorite spots in the house.

I have another rescue project in the works so come back soon :)

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