9 Months and Growing

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our little Ella a.k.a EllaBelle or GracieBelle (just a couple of the nicknames she has lovingly aquired) is 9 mos old today! I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. Her little personality continues to blossom every day and let me tell you....she is SPOILED ROTTEN!! At 9 mos she is learning to crawl although her "technique" is quite unusual...picture an inchworm in motion. She is eating lots of new things and sweet potatoes and bananas are some of her favorites (no suprise there although she seems to like sweet peas too). She has just cut the edge of her first tooth and is always chewing on something (I'll post a picture once you can actually see it). At 9 months Ella is really getting into playtime and loves to roll around with Hayden and Halle. One of her biggest milestones we've reached is that she is now exclusively sleeping in her crib for naps AND bedtime....and is SLEEPING THROUGH the NIGHT (for the most part...sometimes she wakes up one time). Mommy is super excited about these latest accomplishments!! We love her very much and are so blessed to have her!

Some face time with her Poppy....the first time in months that she has "allowed" him to hold her (bananas were used as a bribe!)

Chewing on those fingers....workin' on tooth #2!


  1. cute baby girl! I love her little smirk in the last pic!

  2. The expression in the last pic is awesome! My kids liked sweet potatoes and bananas best too. Congrats on sleeping through the night!

  3. She's so cute! Look at those eyelashes!!

    Congrats on all the wholesaling. Are you enjoying that more than retail? Has CPSIA affected that business at all? {Just curious... though these questions are more for email.} Look at you, miss popular! 18+ followers!!

  4. She is so precious! I cannot believe she is 9 months old already! Wow, it goes by fast!

  5. She is so sweet and precious! Happy 9 months!!


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