A New Skill

Friday, March 27, 2009

One of the positive things about my recent trip to Phoenix was that I aquired a new skill! My sweet sis introduced me to the art of wire wrapping...wire wrapped jewelry to be specific! I was intimidated at first b/c it looked soooo tedious but after giving it a shot it turns out that I LOVE it! Here is my first attempt at making a wire wrapped necklace. I just love how it turned out!

I'm thinking of giving this piece a name associated with apples since that is what my 3yr old said when she first saw it. Any ideas? It also kind of goes along w/ the whole Twilight thing (not to beat a dead horse or anything) but the one red apple among the green and the whole "bitten" Twilight theme. If you are familiar with Twilight you'll know what I mean...at least I think you'll know...am I rambling about anything that makes any kind of sense?! Anyway, moving along, the point of this post is just to say not to be surprised if you see me offering a few jewelry pieces from time to time. I just love creating new things!

Have a FAB Friday!!


  1. How fun! I love knew crafty projects! Was it time-comsuming to make?

  2. Oh, how pretty, I love it. It looks like a lot of work to me!! Great choice of colors too.

  3. Thanks! It took a little while b/c I was learning but now that I know what I'm doing I could probably do it a bit faster. I found it to be therapeutic to make. Very relaxing.

  4. Good job!! Isn't wire wrapping fun? It's my favorite thing to do when I make jewelry.

    And it's not easy to get pretty wraps, but you did it! Well done. :)
    I'm a wire wrapping snob. haha!


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