Bad UPS Man

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just have to rant for a minute today so excuse me for my childishness.

I WANT MY CAMERA!! Why, UPS delivery man, must you choose today of all days to make your rounds earlier than usual. Every day you drive by my house b/wn clockwork, you never fail. I often see you driving by hoping that you might have a surprise package to deliver to me. It very rarely happens. However, today is different. Today I DO have a package waiting to be delivered to me. And it's not just any package. It's a very special brand spankin' new Nikon d90 w/ my new lenses. The ones I've been dreaming about for a very long time. And you, BAD BAD UPS man, decided to pick today to do an early delivery while I was out having lunch w/ my hubby. Do you know how that makes me feel?! It makes me feel like a 6yr old kid waking up on Christmas morning only to find that Christmas has been postponed until tomorrow b/c Santa needed a change!!! I want to throw a tantrum...a HUGE LOUD EMBARASSING TANTRUM! But that would be childish so I won't. I'm going to be the mature 29 year old that I am.

P.S. If anyone needs me, you can find me in my bedroom pouting.


  1. That was one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time. Thanks so much I need a good laugh. There is so much sadness in the blogosphere these days that this kind of post is very refreshing.

    I found you from Erins blog. Glad I did as I love your blog. Feel free to stop by and visit us at Fort Thompson if you havent already. You are always welcome.

    Love and Prayers,


  2. Well...let me just say that I agree whole heartedly...WHY when we need something do they go off schedule???? And PS, you should post your picture of you in the "POUTING" mode on I Heart Faces this week...LOL....Hope your camera gets there soon. Trust is worth the wait!!!

  3. Oh, I know how you feel!! When I ordered my Canon last month I payed for 3 day air and I was expecting it the third day. I waited and waited and waited, but it didn't come until the next day! I was about ready to explode I could hardly wait any longer! I was in a pouty mood all day too!

    Have fun with your new Nikon! That is so exciting! I love love love my Canon! DSLR's are so much fun! So much better than point & shoots I think! I'm excited to see some of your pictures!

  4. You sound just like me, when I ordered my laptop. The same scenario, That man in the cute brown truck would come thru my neighborhood late afternoons, even as late as 7pm, I am expecting my package which has to be signed for because it is a computer. The day it was to arrive I made a AM trip to the fabric store, was gone less than 2 hours, come home at 11AM and there was a UPS tag on my door, Sorry we missed you, please call and schedule a delivery time. AArgh!. Since I had to work the next two days, I had a to wait, and schedule the day may next day off, He came at 4PM!
    Life is ironic sometimes, huh


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