Happy Earth Day & Photo Book Giveaway

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day everyone!! I hope you all will do something today to help care for and preserve this wonderful planet that God has provided us with! Even if that means recycling that soda can or cardboard cereal box that you would normally toss in the trash. Make a conscious effort to live a little bit greener today! Don't forget that one day our great, great, great grandchildren will inherit this earth and we want them to experience the same beautiful earth that we know. Here are some great Earth Day crafts to do with your kids. Teach them that God has entrusted us to care for HIS planet!

On another note, i ♥ faces is having a super cool giveaway! I really really want to win this so I thought I'd up my odds and share the link with you! Have a wonderful wednesday and don't forget to live green.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Earth Day back at cha....=) I am checking out the crafts now...sounds great! and PS, I LOVE the self portrait looks amazing!


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