I Scored...a great deal that is!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love buying handmade clothing as much as I love creating them myself and I always get excited whenever I find a beautiful one-of-a-kind outfit at a great price! Such is the case today! One thing I have yet to learn is how to smock. It truly is an art form. If you've ever bought a hand smocked item you know that all that detail comes at a price. Sometimes you can find those sweet smocked bishop style dresses for $30 to $60, however, I am drawn to those beautiful 2 piece boutique sets that can easily go for $100 to $180 or so!...way more than I could ever spend on an outfit. Well yesterday afternoon I was browsing the online boutique world when I stumbled upon this shop and saw this sweet little set!

When I looked at the price I thought that I was going crazy. It wasn't the $150 price tag that I was expecting...not even half of that. In fact it didn't cost much more than a couple dresses from Target! I knew then that I had to have it for my girls! It is absolutely gorgeous and will be great for portraits, church, or any special occasion! I just love the sweet details...details like the hand smocked and hand embroidered bodice...

...the sweet buttons all down the back, each one w/ a hand embroidered flower...

...and these sweet little double ruffle capris! How adorable!

If you've ever wanted a smocked dress or outfit for your little girl you should definitely check out Darla's Clothing. She has the cutest things at amazing prices! She creates only ONE of any of her designs so you'll know that you will have a very special piece that no one else will have! Her creations will definitely be treasured heirlooms! I can't wait to see my gorgeous set in person and you know that I will definitely be posting photos of Halle wearing it once it arrives!


  1. I just love hand made stuff too!!! What a beautiful little outfit...For sure you will be using these for a new photo shoot with that camera!!!


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