You're still in Kansas, toto

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you've visited my blog in the last day or so you may have done a double take thinking you'd arrived at the wrong place! But don't fret, I'm still here and you're still in Kansas....just a totally revamped, much hipper looking Kansas! Thanks to Jessica at Birdy Designs my blog has had a total makeover! Jessica shared her awesome new template with me to test it out and I have to say that I am loving it! Visit her blog to purchase this great blogger template ($50) that includes a cool navigation bar and an awesome flash header. You must have some html knowledge in order to use the template and customize it to make it your own however if you are not html saavy Jessica will get it set up for you for a fee. Jessica also provides graphic design services so if you are in need of a new logo or an entire blog makeover Jessica can handle that as well!! Be sure to visit her website to peek at her portfolio and see what she can do! Her prices are very reasonable and she is ready to answer any questions you may have throughout the design process!

On another note, you may have noticed that not only does my blog look different but that the name has changed as well. Over time the content of my blog has transitioned from sewing/craft based to photography so I felt that a name change was needed. I will continue to share my DIY projects, and sewing endeavors as they happen but the primary focus of this blog will be capturing life through my camera lens!...and don't worry, the giveaways will still be here! Thanks to all my readers for following along. I love all your kind words you've left along the way. Reading them always brightens my day! Have a fabulous tuesday! I'm off to go put these fairy princesses down for their naps!


  1. love the new header & of course your photos! What beautiful princesses!

  2. i love all the new changes. Beautiful photography as always but i am glad you'll sometimes still post your incredible creations!

  3. What a great make over! Kudos! The background is great and I love the Flash header...I might need that one of these days...It's gettin kind of boring over in my neck of the woods!

    I am soo looking forward to all that your site has in store!

  4. As always your photos leave me inspired and ready to keep trying!! lol
    Love the new look!

  5. Dude, I really AM still in Kansas! :) Your new blog looks gorgeous.


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