Unique Valentine's Idea

Friday, February 12, 2010

I've seen this idea in several places in the blogosphere this season. Here is one of those places. It was too cool not to try...and it's incredibly easy. Just take a snapshot of your child holding out a fist...

Play around with the photo to make it more festive...

Print them out at home or at your fave one-hour lab. I used Walgreens. Then carefully use an exacto knife to cut slits above and below your childs fist in the photo. Insert lolli and your done! Easy Peasy and totally unique! Hayden was so excited to take these to school today!


  1. What kind of camera do you have? I am hunting for a new one. Someone I know has a Nikon D40 but I was looking at a Canon Rebel, I just want the best!!

  2. How adorable! He prolly had the best valentines in class! you're such an awesome mommy!

  3. That's probably THE cutest idea for Valentines that I have EVER seen!! I hope I remember this when I have kids in school!

  4. I will be using this for next years Valentine's. Thanks for the idea. So awesome.


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