Thursday, March 4, 2010

That's what I found in one of my old tote bags this morning. Don't you just love when that happens?! The girls were fighting, as usual, over a purse they both wanted to play with. So, I headed into my closet and began pulling out handbags and totes trying to find something so each of them would have a purse. As a pulled each handbag out of a drawer or shoe cubby in my closet Halle repeatedly said "no", "no", "no", "no", until I pulled out the last one. It felt a bit heavy so I reached in and pulled out a handful of change along with a twenty dollar bill!! Of course, Halle immediately exclaimed "I want THAT one!" Sure baby, you can have this one, but the money is all mine! He he! She frowned for a second but then snatched up the tote and went on her way! Now I just have to decide what to do with my found moola! Now I know I should be practical and use it on diapers and milk but this kind of money deserves to be spent on something more fun, right?

Do you ever stick a $20 in your coat pocket before you store it away for the warmer months? Isn't it a great surprise when fall comes around and you stick your hand in your coat pocket expecting to find a candy wrapper or tissue and you pull out Andrew instead? That's a day maker right there!!

Another day maker? Winning a giveaway! And yep, I won a sweet prize at Gussy has a lot to say {and sew} this morning. Thanks Maggie! I got to pick a couple of these lovelies from her sweet shop! Be sure to swing by and see all the fabulousness! Is that a word? I'm sure it is! Happy Thursday all!


  1. Wow....you definitely need to play the lottery!! Good luck is finding you at every corner. Congrats!

  2. I agree, lottery! I love finding $ in pockets! It's the best!

  3. I find money all the time, but never that much!

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :D I haven't come across another Hana in forever, love it! How do you pronounce your name?

    That is a good amount of money that was hidden away, good find LOL.

  5. Hi I found your blog through Etsy! :)
    Im so jealous you one a gussy, I hearted those ages ago!

  6. I could probably buy a dinner with all the dollars and change dropped on the floor of my car! This is such a funny post. But you are so right!

  7. Every time I look at your blog I get a little more awed (is that a word?)
    I love your work so much! Now, I'm going to go hunting through all my pockets....


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