4th of July Fun

Monday, July 5, 2010

We had a great 4th of July! The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed an evening at Todd's parents where we ate burgers, played cornhole (where I sunk 3 bags in a single shot!!), watched the kids play on the water slide, and just sat around chatting. We ended the night watching the city's fireworks display.

Here are the kids watching a mini fireworks display. Notice my son in the background jumping up & down from excitement!

A profile of Ella at sunset. I just love the light here!

Halle and her cousin Cameron...they are great friends and love to play together!

Hayden cheesin' for the camera.

Halle and her sweet smile. (tip: I will often tickle them a bit in order to get their natural smiles for a photo...sometimes it works perfectly! I used the same trick for Hayden's photo above)

We were playing a game of cornhole and Ella decided to watch for a bit.

Ella disappeared for a few minutes and then rejoined the water fun a few minutes later looking a bit "blue"! Apparently she found a blue marker and decided to color her face! Luckily it was the washable kind!

Hayden making a splash on the big water slide!

Here is Ella on her first time down the big slide. She was terrifies and didn't do it again for 20 minutes. Once she finally decided to try it again we couldn't keep her off of it! However, she went down on her belly from then on! I guess it felt safer.

Hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July too!

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