I Will Never Forget

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It is forever etched in our memory...the events of that day. I remember exactly where I was...21 years young, newlywed for less than 4 months, sitting in Spanish class of my junior year of college. I walked out of the classroom to find chaos in the halls, whispers, sobbing, hysterics, emotions were wild. A good friend of mine was sitting on the hall floor reading her Bible and told me what had just happened. The first tower had just been hit. Chills ran up and down my spine as I ran to my car and my ears were flooded with info on the radio...confusion, panic...and then horror repeated...the 2nd tower was hit during live broadcast! I called my husband at home and woke him from his nap to inform him of what was happening. He was off duty that day...he is a fireman. Once I arrived home I watched in terror as the towers collapsed. It was horrifying. The days that followed were no better as we learned of how many people were missing or presumed dead. I will always remember. The events of that day alter you and you can never go back. Every year as this anniversary comes around I find it so difficult to even turn on the tv for fear of having to relive those dreaded moments...but I do...b/c in some small way I want to honor the lives of those lost. I want to hear those stories of heroism. I feel so proud to be an American. Today I am praying for our country, for those who are still wounded and hurting, and for those who daily put themselves in harms way to defend our freedom! I will never forget. Where were you that day?


  1. I remember. I was home with my four year old daughter. We were getting ready for preschool when I saw it flash on the TV. As I watched in horror, the first tower went down, taking the broadcastors by surprise. I cried and cried, while my daughter, unable to understand my grief, tried to console me. We never made it to preschool that day. I remember.

  2. My first year teaching, third grade. Reading class...2 months later I got a new student whose dad had died in attacks from NY.

  3. First year teaching, a third grade class. 2 months later I got a new student from NY...father had died in twin towers.


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