White Christmas Snow Day

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We've been thoroughly enjoying our White Christmas snow! It's the first White Christmas I've ever had...of course growing up in Miami my chances of having one were pretty slim..ahem, non-existant. However this is the first one I've seen in my 17 years living in NC, and it's been wonderful! There's something magical about snowfall on Christmas...like an elusive dream that finally comes true. These last few days have been wonderfully lazy. We watch movies, play games as a family, lounge in our pjs all day..only taking them off long enough to bundle up to play outside and build snowmen and gather snow for snow cream. Bliss. I ♥ snow! Here are a few photos of us at play!

Ella did NOT inherit my love of snow...in fact she's down right petrified of it! This is what happened when I put her down in it...it took several attempts just to get her off of me, LOL! I promise I picked her back up ;)

She prefers dry land...like the garage!

The beginnings of a snowman...

Don't you even think about it Mister! (I hid behind the camera and he backed off, LOL)

Using my camera as a shield did NOT work on my 8 yr old son who threw snowballs at me anyway! No lenses were damaged in the making of this photo!

Ella found this spot where the sun and the warmth of the house had melted away the snow to reveal the grass. This is where she stayed...refusing to budge...and looked on while everyone else played! She literally did not move a single inch. It was so cold and she finally asked me to take her back indoors where she watched from a window. Poor thing.

Introducing our version of Frosty...I'm pretty sure he is now down to only ONE eye...birds have to eat I guess.

Disclaimer: People in photo may appear older that they really are! I promise I am much more radiant and young-looking in real life, LOL! Sorry for the poor focus...this is one of those "hold your camera at arms length, press the shutter and pray that you get both faces in the frame" kind of shots!


  1. I adore that snowman with the Ritz cracker eyes! Bless her sweet little heart that she was terrified of the snow. One of my daughters was terrified of grass the first time we set her down in it.

  2. These are beautiful pictures Hana!

  3. Your kids are so cute, I can't get over it! And how adorable that your little one stayed in the patch of grass!! Xo, Katie


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