Rapunzel! Let down your hair!! Fun with playsilks

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Those of you who have been around here a while may remember this post I did years ago when I first discovered the magic of playsilks! They are such a simple toy and simple to make using inexpensive silk scarves and kool-aid. If I remember correctly I believe I bought my silks here and you can find a line-up of which flavors produce which colors here. Not every flavor is available everywhere so you may have to do some hunting if you want a particular color. I still have a special stash of kool-aids that aren't available in my area that I bought in a SC Bi-Lo store while on vacation in 2008. My husband and kids are always trying to sneak packets out to use to make kool-aid and I am forever having to snatch them back, lol! If you'd like to make your own there are lots of tutorials online but this one is one of the ones I followed back in 2008.

My girls have been playing with their silks for 3.5 years now (my how they've changed!) and they still have tons of fun with them. Yesterday they, along with my mom came up with a fun new idea for them! Both Halle & Ella are big fans of Disney's Tangled movie so they decided to use the playsilks to create long hair like Rapunzel and run around watching their "hair" follow after them! It was beyond cute!


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