A Regular Day and New Wreath

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I pulled out my camera today just to capture a little moment of everyday life. Nothing extraordinary, just a regular morning. That is something I am going strive to do more of this year...capture the little moments, the quiet and uneventful ones we take for granted most days. With the recent tragedy in Connecticut I am trying to appreciate each moment with my children because we, nor our children, are promised tomorrow. These little moments are sometimes the most precious. I thank God each day for my family and for the blessing of motherhood. Every moment is not easy, every moment is not exciting, but every moment is a blessing. I cherish them all. Today it was a breakfast with iPod cartoons :)

And on another note, I finally got an item marked off my to-do list. I bought this wreath form over a year ago with plans to cover it in moss to hang on my blue shutters over the mantle. Finally sat down by the fire this morning and got it made. Ella helped of course. It's so easy and you cannot mess it up. 


wreath form 
burlap (optional) 
hot glue (if you do the optional burlap step)
reindeer moss (I used 3 bags)
floral pins
wide ribbon

Instructions: This first step is optional but not required...it keeps the white styrofoam from showing through any imperfections with moss placement. Cut burlap into 3" strips and wrap around form securing with hot glue. Then use floral pins to secure moss pieces all over the wreath form. This is a bit time consuming and you will have sore thumbs but it is super easy. My 4 yr old helped me place the moss on the wreath so it is fool proof :) You can go a step further and add seasonal embellishments to one of the lower "corners" for a more seasonal look. I left it as-is for the time being. Hang with ribbon and admire!

*Crafting by fireside lends to an even more enjoyable experience ;) (sorry for the instagram pics but its just so much faster, lol) Happy Crafting!!

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